Nov 8, 2011

Challenge... Week 2

Hello everyone!  I have received some communication from challenge members with their week 1 progress or their personal challenge requirements.  Good job to everyone! 

If you are finding this challenge late, there is still time to make use of the last 7 weeks of 2011!  Maybe you want to start December 1st and make it a 30 day challenge.  Whatever you chose, just chose to make the most of the last bit of 2011.

I just returned from a trip to Panama City Beach, FL where most everyone knows that I volunteered at the Ironman race.  I stood in line with my friend Annelise and we registered for 2012.  It is done.  We are committed.  NO MORE EXCUSES.

I mention this because it was exactly what I needed to experience in order to provide me with the right encouragement and motivation for my own personal journey to the victory lap.  The race itself is in a class of its own.  Words cannot capture the emotions rolling around PCB all weekend.  I will share a few stories here throughout the week as this week's motivation.   This is not about Ironman, triathlon, or any race.  These are stories of perseverance, dedication, and never giving up even when doubt looms.


The reward is not in the destination, but in the journey...

And some people's journeys are shorter than they think.  The swim cut-off is 2 hours, 20 minutes from the start of the age-group race at 7:00am.  Some swimmers pulled themselves out due to various reasons, jelly fish (one lady was stung), swim distress, any sort of reason.  Of the athletes who completed 2.4 miles, only one did not make the cut-off.

As the swimmer made her way to shore, the volunteers, family members and all the people remaining at the swim start stood and cheered for her as if she just won the race.  Dave, the announcer, made comment that sometimes the journey we take is shorter than we think it will be.  We must remember that this is about the journey and not the destination.  Her race day ended at 9:22 am on this particular day, however she is able  to try again.

Do not allow a set back to derail you from reaching your goals.  Few people 'hit it out of the ballpark" their first try.  Success is in perseverance. Success is in never giving up and being tenacious in your progress attempts. Success is realizing that there is no perfection.  If you fail, that is good.  Why?  Because it meant that you made the effort.  You put yourself out there.  Take the lesson that failure means progress, and to never ever give up on yourself or your dreams.

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