Nov 14, 2011

Being Healthy is A Revolution

In my research of holistic living, I came across a website that has grabbed my attention:  This website has many resources on many facets of health: health & wellness, healthy eating, nontoxic living, fit living, and balanced living.

I think that we all can use some help in life balance, or living a fit, healthy lifestyle, and this website includes links to websites, books, and other resources in the different categories.

This lead me to think about some of the documentaries that I have watched in recent years, Food Inc. King Corn, No Impact Man, and books that I have read Vegan Freak, Good Bye My Subaru, Fast Food Nation, and Skinny Bitch.   Sustainability.  Going back to a simpler time.  Reducing stress, getting adequate sleep, having compassion and knowledge of where our food comes from.  Health, my friends, is not a given.

I believe that being healthy is the culmination of making good choices every day.  Granted illness and genetic issues happen, but why not tilt the hand of health in your favor?  Especially when you never know what is coming down the road.  Again, health is not a given, nor does one "stumble" into health.

I printed out the booklet from the website as well as the 11x17" poster to put up in my workout room.  I am posting a few of the items from the list that I thought were quite positive. The full 101 list is available with explanation on the website.

Exerpts from 101 Revolutionary Ways to Be Healthy

#4 - Celebrate what is good - Amen.  I believe in looking for the good in things.  It is in the bad that we can experience and appreciate the good.  Sure we can sit here and wish that we had more endurance, wish that we were thinner, wish that we were larger, wish that we were stronger, wish for whatever... but how often do we take the time to celebrate what we already have?

#5  - Repossess your health - I take this as meaning to not blame others for our health nor give credit for others for our health.  We must make health a priority - sleep, micro-nutrients, exercise.  WE chose what goes into our bodies.  The contents of every fork or spoon that touches our lips is by choice. OUR choice.

#8 - Minimize symptom suppression - Two things that speak to me on this one - a.) stop taking so much medicine to mask how my body is feeling, as well as not to downplay what is going on and label it as stress or fatigue when it may be something else.

#11 - Be part of the solution - Yes!  Overweight?  Figure out what it will take for YOUR body to lose weight.  FYI, the old calories in / calories out paradigm is not necessarily the answer.  Research.  Experiment.  Challenge yourself every day.

#20 - Aim for 85% - meaning there is no perfection!  Aiming for 100% perfection in diet and exercise and living is going to set you up for failure.  Aim to make 85% of the right choices each day, and forgive yourself for the 15%.  Drop it and move on!

#32 - Savor what you eat - I need to work on this.  Slow down.  Put down that fork.  Enjoy the food.

#36 - Read labels - Understand what it is that you are putting into your body.  Can't pronounce it?  Don't eat it.  BTW, if it needs an ingredients label, it is processed and not first choice.  Those items which are closest to the earth should be closest to the mouth.  Again, I need to work on this as well.  Due to a busy lifestyle I tend to go for the quick fix meals.  Being vegetarian also lends itself to overly processed foods. This is why I have chose to eat predominantly vegetarian, but to allow locally raised lean protein sources back into my diet on occasion.

#37  - Ignore labels - Fat Free!  Zero Calories!  Yeah.. FAKE!  Move on.

#45 -  Beware artificial hungers - Depression, boredom, thirst.  I need to re-acquaint myself with my real hunger cues.

#65 - Sleep well - 'Nuff said.

#90 - Vote your values - Voting = making choices.  Every choice, every dollar spent, every calorie consumed = a vote either for or against success.

#97 - Focus on actions, not outcomes - it is the process, the development of life long healthy habits that will result in a healthy fit person.  Again, it is not the extra 20# upon a persons frame which dictates that they are overweight.  It is their lifestyle and choices that dictates that they will remain overweight.  Takes your eyes off of the scale and focus on what choices you make each and every moment of every day.

#100 - Show up - Be present in life. Life is not a spectator event.

#101 - Pass it on.  Learn something and pass it on to those who can benefit from the knowledge. Consider this passed. 

Above all else - think. Take ownership and take back your life!


Lora Abernathy said...

Very good stuff for sure.

klonopin said...

Yes really healthy is the culmination of making good choices every day so we looking all over world for health revolution.