Jan 18, 2011

Forget the Ring, I Want A Fling!

Lately, I have been feeling more like a flirt and less like an athlete. A mile here or there is still a mile in the books of health, however this year I am not looking for a huge commitment. Nope, I am not looking for a "ring". I am looking for a "fling"!

Road: Hey there, long time no see!
Me: Oh my goodness, look at you! You look so flat and new! Have you had work done?
Road; *giggles* Oh my, no! Well, I have been taking better care of myself. I am trying to give up salt and being so hot to cold all the time. And what about you? Do I see some new muscles there?
Me: *blushes* Why yes, you do!
Road: You know, we really should catch up! I miss you!
Me: Oh yeah.. sure! I um, I have some things though with a bike, then this thing with the pool later, and of course lunch with CrossFit and then the rock climbing with... um yeah. Totally we will make it happen. We WILL make it happen! Gotta run... err.. gotta go! School work is calling, you know how that goes! *muwah* toodles dear!

This is the first time that I have had absolutely nothing to train for. No big "A" race looming in the horizon, or a big plan to direct me how to get there. Now that I have no race commitments, I get to flirt with every and anything that interests me.

Those of you who know me know that this is a huge deal for me. 2011 is proving to be the year of restraint. I have some cool goals for the future, but they will just have to wait. Did I mention that I am not one for waiting? Yeah. This is going to be a year!

Those who know me know that I used to be am a "follow-the-plan-to-the-letter-then-freak-out-when-things-go-awry-in-life-because-they-always-do-than-goodness-that-I-always-have -a-back-up-if-not-tertiary-plan-awaiting-for-implementation-in-the-wings" type of gal. It must be the girl scout in me. Or the fact that I am very Type A.


Going back for my Masters this year is putting all aspirations of endurance racing on hold. This is actually fine by me as I have never had a year that I allowed myself to just go out there and knock out some smaller distances with purpose. Somewhere in my head I am not doing anything unless I am doing it for hours at a time. With all of that endurance focus, I never had a chance to allow myself to enjoy other things. Rock climbing, rowing, CrossFit. These are all new to me and things that I am incorporating into my fitness regime.

I guess I can look at 2011 as the year that I am training for my Masters graduation ceremony. My plan? Complete my last 5 classes (woot!) and walk down that isle mid-December, move my tassel over to the other side and maybe even throw a cap in the air for fun.

Post-graduation my endurance life can resume but it will have a different purpose.

I do this because I love this, and I want to help other people do this as well. Well, not necessarily THIS, but the figurative "this" - the thing that they never thought that they could do.

I want to help someone get to the finish line of something.
I want to help someone to the start of something.
I want to help people get over their fears of failure and realize that A-N-Y-T-H-I-N-G is possible if they put their minds to it.

Good days, bad days. As long as some part of the day was spent trying to make forward motion it counts.

I guess similar to how some people live off of trying to prove something to others, I live off of empowering others to do what they love. I am passionate about the things I love.

The one thing I walked away from at Welland was the feeling of zen in racing. I have held onto this feeling and realize that that is why I do this. When you propel yourself 70.3 miles with nothing but a smile on your face the size of Texas, you know that you have found happiness.

While some days that smile way turn a bit upside down, I am grateful for every moment I am blessed with living. ;o)

So here is to the year of no plans other than having fun, going short and fast, and enjoying every moment of the journey to a well rounded me.

Peace, love and running,

2011 MBA graduate in training

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Doug said...

"Have you had work done"... you bet, lady you have been completely factory reconditioned!

You in school as well, cool. I am taking classes at work for the CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Associate).

Your a flirt alright, you never lost the bubbly cheerleader mindset :).

Only a real big engineer *cough* nerd, uses a word like 'tertiary', and yes I do know what it means (without looking it up :P ).

Well, I did "this" already, back in 2002 :P.

Just got off the trainer, now I have to do the Cisco workbook, VLANs! VLANs are cool.

"going short and fast", especially if it ends at the line in a wheel to wheel (elbow to elbow) sprint finish. (I am going to out sprint Daniel this time at Waterford, someone whit that big of a beard should not be that fast on a bike.)