Aug 5, 2010

If Dreams Precede The Goal, What Happens After The Goal is reached?

"Reach high, for stars lie hidden in your soul. Dream deep, for every dream precedes the goal."
-Pamela Vaull Starr

I am so glad that I decided to do a 31 days running streak. It was tough the first few nights but now I feel empowered. No more obligation, now I am making strides towards a goal.

I think that a lot of my lack of motivation lately has been due to accomplishing a huge goal. No one ever talks about the let down after meeting or exceeding a goal. I really never thought that it would be possible to feel lost or let don after the Half Ironman, but that is exactly how I felt for the month following.

I found out that this is normal., but it is not normal for me. Maybe being is the strange situation that I was training at this volume for 2 years in a row before accomplishing my goal had something to do with it. I am pretty sure it had.

Now that I am not training at that volume, I feel lost. My only remaining goals for this season are some running races, but I feel like the 30 days I took off from training hurt more than it helped to get me re-focused.

This running streak, however, has been the trick. I am using the remaining months of 2010 as a rebuilding time. I am training to finish strong and happy, regardless of clock time.

With that though, my immediate goal is to run daily. I figure that the only risks are injury, and the benefits are consistency in training, getting back my self confidence, and getting back my base mileage.

Maybe I have not lost as much as I think I have in those 30 days. How does 30 days erase 2 years in reality?

I guess that we shall see. Time to get back to dreaming deep and putting new goals before me.

Tonight I am forgoing the run at PTC with my running club and instead will do a run around home.

I need to go shopping for a dress to wear for my super secret birthday dinner as well as to Mike's 20th Class Reunion this weekend.

Life is good folks! Sometimes going back to square 1 is not a bad thing. Sometimes going back means moving forward.

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Doug said...

Well, your next race.

Birthday? You are turning... 39+1 :)?