Jul 1, 2010

70.3 Because 70.4 Would Just Be Insane.

It is official.

20 weeks of training, dedication, and mental growth have passed and as of Sunday, June 27th I am a Half Iron Woman!

The race was Welland Half Iron, part of the HSBC MultiSport Cananda Triathlon Series. This was the first running of the Half iron event at Welland and I must say that it went fabulous.

The pre-race information over the weeks leading up to the race were amazing. Every single detail of the course, the races, event news, whatever - it was covered.

The use of Facebook and email blasts as well as podcasts on the race meant very few nerves for this girl.

I am still in awe. No restless nights. No stomach cramps. No nerves and knots and stress. I was complete zen going into Welland. Even the night before hand I slept well and managed to hit the snooze button.


Yep. I did. I was that relaxed.

I had the feeling of a well studied student going into a final exam. I did the work that was laid before me over the course of the term and I knew that I knew all that I could. Why fret over the unknowns, especially since there was no doubt in my mind that I would finish.

And finish I did!

~THE SWIM <*|||>< ~
2k, 1.2 miles - 43:12

After some wetsuit freak outs since Motor City, I realized what the issue has been. My wetsuit has not been all the way on. Ever.

I managed to pull i tup all the way and a funny thing happened. No more freakouts. I felt wonderful. The swim went wonderful.

I kept my pacing and just focused on the things that JD and Carol told me about form - hand over barrel (elbows high), mind my head and chest placement, hand entry in water and maintaining pace.

My goal was 45 minutes as my training swims were all on target for around 48. I will take 43 as a 1.2 mile swim PR AND an overall swim pace PR of 2:08/100m, which translates into a sub 2:00/100yard pace!!

Boo to the yah!

Run - 3:24.
Yes. There was a seperate run before T1, and the race director counted it as a seperate time to allow for a swim time and a T1 time for those participating in the race series.

T1 - 3:23. Potty break and wetsuit removal. I have gotten really slow on transitions. Mainly because I am taking my time assuring that I have everything that I need.

90K, 56 miles - 3:16:16

My goal was to keep a steady pace for the first 60-75K and then hammer if it felt right on the last 30-15K.

On the way out I averaged 17MPH, 17.2MPH was my average on the way back. How is THAT for consistency?

My goal was a 3:30 finish or better and I definitely broke that! PR for the 56 mile distance in a race. No pace PR but I am proud that I held back and stuck to my execution plan.

I exited the bike and felt fresh in the legs. My feet were sore on the bottoms from the short runin bike shoes into T2, but hey - it comes with the race!

Easy peasy making sure that all stuffs is with me for the run.

21K, 13.1 miles - 3:25:40

Not my worst run ever. So, yay for that.

My legs felt amazing the whole time. I was ready to kill this race. The humidty, however, had other plans for me.

A run switched to a planned run/walk, then to a modified run/walk, then a walk/walk with some jogging when heat permitted.

It was a two out and back course (13.5k one side, 7.5k the other side) and it was beautiful. I really really enjoyed this run even though I walked 90% of it.

The humidity got me. I am fine with that.

113K, 70.3 miles - 7:35:35

My goal range was 7:05 on a total hit it outta the park day to 7:55 on a totally everythign sucked day.

My 7:35:35 finish put me right in the middle and I was extremely happy with that given the run performance. At the last turn around on the run I happened to look down at my watch as I watched it turn from 6:59:59 to 7:00:00. This was at the 17.5K mark, meaning that I only had less than 2.5 miles left to go.

I was walking a half marathon in a Half Iron race, and with less than 2.5 miles to go and I was at my ultimate best time goal. That means that if the humidty had not been crazy high, that I would have been able of breaking my 7:05 goal and by a long shot at that! =)

I have to admit, this was the best race I have ever done mentally. I executed it to the best of my abilities and I must say that I trained pretty well for my abilities. This was an amazing experience and while not life changing, it has showed me the importance of not doubting yourself. Ever.


Jennifer said...

Congratulations! How cool is that, and without any pre-race night jitters!

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