May 7, 2010

Deposits and Withdrawals.

I made quite a few deposits into the bank of Welland this past week, and a few withdrawals from my bank in preparation of Welland. I am still very much in the black with that equation so we will call it all good.

Well, there goes that Pad I was ooogling

The things which I purchased are going to help me reach my goals a lot quicker than an iPad ever would.

In preparation of Welland, I have mentally stepped up my training. Unfortunately, I had to miss 2 workouts this week due to other things but I made the ones that I did make really count. I feel stronger after the workouts. I am pushing myself, but not too hard so I am enjoying this entire process from start to finish.

Let's review the numbers, shall we?

Since 4/27 they came out like such:

RUN -6.22 miles
BIKE -115.5 miles
SWIM - 2 miles, driving. *cough* Drove to the gym yesterday at lunch to swim a nice and easy 1600... Only to find that I was 45 minutes early for lap swim. D'oh!

1 Isis Azalea sports bra
1 De Soto Forza Tri suit in red/black to match my team kit
1 pair of Zensah calf compression sleeves to aid in recovery
1 bag of my custom blend Infinit nutrition

On the there was a 3 day Isis / Carve sale and saw this sports bra made specifically for larger cupped women. I figure it was worth a shot to try it out. I can always use more sports bras and am looking for a regular sports bra, not a tank top style one to wear this year.

The De Soto tri suit would seem to be an odd choice given that I will be wearing either a team jersey or team tri-top at races, but really I get uncomfortable with waistbands so I figured that wearing a tri suit under the jersey/top would allow me more options depending on what I feel like wearing come race day, plus - if the tri top rides up like it has been, all you will see is solid black, not my tummy! I am used to wearing full tank style sports bras under my tri tops anyhow, so heat and comfort will not be issues.

I started to wear compression socks during my flights to and from China in an effort to stave off any ill effects from flying such long hours, and while I was in China found myself putting them on after long walks and runs. My legs felt so energized in the socks that I decided to get the Zensah calf sleeves for my running. I really wanted pink... but decided to stick with black. =) Maybe my next pair will be pink.

I started using Infinit nutrition last year after discussing nutrition with my friend Jaret a really amazing athlete. I never really experienced major GI issues from my nutrition however I always had reached this saturation point where I just did not want to drink any more and then dehydration and cramping would kick in. I would often feel like my drinks were sloshing all around in my stomach. Annoying.

Jaret turned our friend Melissa and myself on to Inifinit nutrition, a completely customizable drink option. Literally the possibilities are endless.

I ordered a batch per my requirements last year and it solved all of the cramping, sloshing and saturation issues. I drink it and it just disappears. There is no fullness. There is no tidal wave going back and forth in the tummy on runs. It just works.


This time, I added some more carbohydrates and calories to my mix while keeping the amino acids and electrolytes where they were from the heat mix that I used in 2009.

This next week I plan on making more deposits. Something in the realm of 6,000 meters swimming, 155 miles biking and 26.6 miles running from tomorrow to 5/16.

Holy heck that is a lot of mileage and time in the saddle and water and time on the feet.

I love it.

I am also going to figure out my sweat rate so I can have a better gauge as to the hydration plan I need to follow. Right now I am doing a very generic 8 oz / 30 minutes riding, but would like to make sure that I am not over or under consuming. My legs, while tired on the ride, are feeling strong afterwards and my back is whipping into shape as well.

Training works. Consistency works. The plans work when you work the plans and when you really truly do the workouts not just complete the time or distance.

Just showing up for a workout but not really engaging in it is akin to showing up for class and doodling the whole time.

If you show up for class and actively engage in learning, then you will walk away at the end with so much more than you would have otherwise. The same holds true for training.

So this week - try engaging in your workouts and making each one count for something. This does not mean to go all out and power through them. I mean perform the workout as it is written to the best of your ability on that day. Each workout has a purpose. Speed, endurance, power, whatever it may.

Happy swimming, biking, running... with intent!!

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TNTcoach Ken said...

Good advice on the training. Not sure about how many sports bras I should have...........