Apr 22, 2010

Chasing Rainbows

I missed updating the bloggy this weekend, so I figured that today is a good day as any to catch up. I really am going to try to get back to updating this blog regularly, not daily but hopefully no less than weekly.

This week has been good, my friends. Last weekend brought a pleasant boost in morale for me, and this week brought sexy back. And by sexy, I mean consitency.

I rode 14 miles easy on Monday, ran 5 milers both on Tuesday and Wednesday, and now I am planning on a long ride of about 50 miles at Island Lake Recreational Area tonight.

I have all of my hydration set up and ready to go, pre-ride and ride nutrition packed. I am going to try out the shot blocks on the ride tonight and then on next week's long ride I will take a flask of Hammer gel and see which works better for me on the bike.

I am starting a pattern of workouts and it feels right.

• Mondays are bricks or just rides on Hines drive. Group workout.
• Tuesday is my newly formed "Tuesday Run Therapy" with my friend Jo
• Wednesdays are another run night for me, just getting time on the legs in this base period. Later it may end up being an OWS/Run.
• Thursdays are a 24 to 36 mile ride typically (tonight is a 50) with a group. Later in the season Thursdays will be an OWS/Bike workout.
• Fridays are the day of rest.
• Saturdays are OWS/Bikes
• Sundays are long runs.

The ride Monday was slow, but I was not going for speed rather just some time in the saddle.

Tuesday and Wednesday brought two fun runs, one with a partner and some good discussions, and one alone in a light, sun-filled rain amidst rainbows.

I am not going for pace right now in my training I am just getting in base miles on my legs and back. The biggest issue I had at Muncie last year was back pain on the bike.

So I am using the base period for exactly that, building base and findig in joy in the miles I am putting on my legs.

My goal for right now is to get to 20-25 miles a week on my legs running, and keep a strong long ride going so I can get my back used to being in aero and ride position for 3 -4 hours at a time.

See something missing here? Where is the swim? A year ago you could not keep me out of the pool, this year I have not been able to really get into it.

For one, I tend to do pool swims during the day at lunch, and OWS at night. It is too cold right now for any OWS, and my days have been jammed with meetings from the moment I walk in until somedays midnight. My pool swimming time is either 5:30am, noon, or 8pm.

I work out at night so doing an am swim is difficult for me if I want any sort of sleep. Since I already work out at night, I cannot justify workout out from 5pm - 10pm. I need to get into the pool starting next week and swim 2x during the week. That is my goal. In fact, I just put it into my calendar for Monday and Thursday next week.


Ok well off to the rest of my day. I think that I am going to get used to chasing rainbows. It is pretty fun!

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TNTcoach Ken said...

Yay, she brought sexy back! Sounds like you're on track again....