Jan 1, 2010



The first of the 18 binary days we shall have this century. I like binary years. It is comforting to me for some reason. You may think that it is odd, but when I can put a name, rational, reason, or explanation to something I just feel good about it.

2009 was quite possibly the worst year of my life. I am not even going to recap it because I would much rather acknowledge that the year was what it was and leave it in its own rightful place in history. We were able to pull out of it with some great things. Still employed, mom is with us, and Mike and I now own a house.

With this house, we plan to fill it with love and happiness and to always have a safe place to go when the world outside its four walls turns cold.

Resolutions? Try continuous improvements.

I guess this time of year is the time where people try to make change. New year new you. the resolutioners at the gym. After 30 odd years of hearing these things I realized that I really have come to dislike the term "resolution". I never felt right making resolutions. Resolutions can be broken. What we need to do is to aim for continuous improvements not drastic change. I am going to do something new this year. I am going to make goals for the year, with check in dates to keep myself on track. So here are my goals for the first year of the new decade. You will notice that they pretty much echo the sentiment from my November 2nd, 2009 post.


We all know that consistency is king. I believe that I have said that tons here.

So, how am I going ot gain consistency this year? I am in a challenge with some fellow bloggers (Pat from AZ and Ken from MI) along with some of my BT, work, and FAST friends to see which team of 5 (AZ or MI) can run the most miles in 2010. [My money is on MI!]

I created sub goals to help me in my consistency, because I believe in taking little bites, not trying to get it all done in one fell swoop.

I am challenging myself to run 100 days in a row. Nothing huge, just at least 1 mile a day. CHECK IN DAYS: Days #25, #50, #75, and #100.

I want to run 1000 miles in 2010. That averages out to 3 miles a day. CHECK IN DAYS: The last day of each month.

I also have some neat races on the radar and will complete two half Ironman distanced triathlons, so again - training = consistency for me.

My goal is to ride 2010 miles this year. Being a new GREYHOUND I think that this will be quite doable. CHECK IN DAYS: The last day of each month.


I am going to be feeling my way through this one as I go along, but pretty much I need my BMI to be in the healthy range, below 24.9. Simple as that. CHECK IN DAYS: The last day of each quarter. BASELINE - BMI = 34.4


This is definitely along the CI lines. I just need to be able to keep balancing my work, fitness, and personal lives. CHECK IN DAYS: The last day of each quarter. BASELINE - So far so good!

So there you have it. Binary days are good. God is great. People... well people are crazy.


niagararunner said...

great goals! very specific and I think I might adopt some of these too!

Jeremy Hagerman said...

Alright!! Let the 2010 journey begin!

Love the new signature! RG!!