Apr 7, 2009

Plan B... do you have one?

My dear, dear friends... I had such grandiose dreams and notions about my week off from the 9-5. You see, I am off from work from 4/6 - 4/13, returning 4/14.

*fade to montage of riding the bike outside for hours on end, living in the pool every morning like a good triathlete in training, running in the sunshine wearing my sweet spring gear*

Then I woke up Sunday only to realize that we are going to have snow this week, and bore witness to my ideal week of being buried under 6-10" of wet, sloppy, snow.

OK, OK... I know that I live in Michigan, the great white north, but still. *hmpf*

So - the hours of sunny riding have been replaced with more trainer rides, and those sun basked runs through the trails are now just treadmill runs in my dreams.

One day that idyllic training will be mine... just not this day.

Those are the joys of being a triathlete, runner, cyclist, or any other outdoors enthusiast. We can plan all we want, but when life happens are you ready with a Plan B?

I am lucky as I am a member of two gyms and my apartment complex has a wellness cent in the middle so I have ample access to dreadmills. I just need to go and do it. OR, alternately I can run in the snow, but my winter stuffs are all packed away in a futie attempt to ward off the flurries that we all knew would manage to fall upon our hopefull heads.

Biking needs to be done on a trainer, so that is really no issue. Boring, yes, but it needs to be done!

So think of this today... having the ability to be flexible can mean the difference between successfully accomplishing your dreams, or giving up before you start.

~Happy and healthy training!

})i({ RG


Sun Runner said...

Snow...as in, MORE than we got yesterday? NOOOOO...

TNTcoach Ken said...

Winter stuff pack away! It's MICHIGAN..........