Mar 10, 2009

My First Ever Swim Meet Recap

So there.

I did it.

I finished my first ever swim meet. I was signed up for the 50yd free and 100yd free. I know, I know... only 2 events, but ummm... I only really know freestyle so I am technically limited. It really is a shame I didn't find swimming sooner. I love it.

So, back to the meet - I ended up missing my 50 free (darn it!) but made sure to be on the block in time for my 100 free.

My seed time for the 50 free was 0:50 and we will have to wait for States on 3/27 - 3/29 to know what my actual time will be. ;) What a tease!

My seed time for the 100 free was 2:00:00. I was in the 2nd heat of like a kazillion. Or 10 I cannot remember which.

We got on the blocks, took our marks, and when the buzzer buzzed I dove right in got streamlined and did my best dolphin kick.

Before I knew it I was over half way down the lane and had not even took my first stroke. A few seconds later I was mid flipturn, and back on my way to knock out the first 50 of the 100.

I saw no one.

I heard nothing.

In sports movies they make this huge dramatic point at the critical moment of the game by cutting all sound and just going to slow motion.

Little did I know that this really happens.

I complete the second flip turn, and head back out for my 75. Still nothing, I see no other swimmers in the pool, I hear nothing but my breathing and feel only myself propelling through the water. I was afraid that I had messed up and false started. Why can I not see people?

I was so out of breath by the time I hit the wall I opted to skip the flip turn. While doing this I knew right away JD would have a comment for me when I finished... oh and she did! But of course all in support! I need to get comfortable in my flip turns when I am out of breath. I still have a ways to go but all my turns felt really strong.

So I opted to do an open turn and then returned to the start touching the pad and coming up for air.

But.. where was everyone? Oh crap. I must be last and they are all out of the water already. Oh well I gave it my best and I really worked it today, going out of my comfort zone.

But then I look at the clock. 1:27 and change.


I guess the adrenaline really does grab hold. I swam nearly 0:30 faster than I ever did even on my sprint laps when I was trying to get my seed time for this meet.

Well I am hooked. I really truly enjoyed the swim meet and this year I would love to learn proper backstroke, breastroke and fly. I want more options!

Now back to our regularly planned training... and one more swim meet before the 08/09 swim season ends. State Meet people. I am signed up and ready to rock with FAST!

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Run For Life said...

That's fabulous! I loved reading this post, it felt like I was watching the meet. Looks like you're making progress!