Feb 19, 2009

All in preperation for Muncie Endurathon!

First off, a quick update on things. In addition to being registered for all those other races, I am now registered for Rock 'n' Roll Chicago! I love this race (first year for the RNR brand, but it is formerly the Chicago Distance Classic which I ran two years ago).

This is my third half marathon of the RNR frandchise, and my goal is to one day have completed every one of the races they offer, including the RNR AZ Marathon (I did the AZ Half two years ago.)

In addition, I have kept my promise of working out in the AM as a way of getting in time in the pool. This has become key. I am no longer afraid of the swim and in fact - HUGE thing for me - I am signed up for two swim meets including the State Meet 3/27 - 29.

I have found that I really enjoy swimming as a solo sport and truly do not mind waking up at 4:45AM to go swim before work. Especially since that allows me the time to run and bike after work!

The addition of my morning swims did not erase my afternoon workouts, so this means that I am working out twice a day 4 times a week at the least.

The funny thing is that since I am actually enjoying this, I am not getting burnt out. If I do not feel like swimming in the AM I simply do not go, and I do not sweat it. The old Jenn would just freak out and get burnt out and then hate doing all of it and quit for 8 months then wonder why fitness is so hard.

The funny thing is, that if you enjoy doing something it really is easy to stick with it.

I love running and knowcking out a quick 7 miler is nothing to me now. Of course by quick I mean slow, but you know what I mean!

I no longer look at the miles ahead of me as a job to get done, but rather a journey to enjoy. It finally has hit me. My journey, this journey, started as a blog to keep me accountable and along the way I changed and fell in love with being active.

Running, swimming, biking, rock climbing, yoga, triathlon, whatever it is. I like it.

Monday starts my official Muncie Endurathon training program. I am so excited to be on my way. There are probably over 10 people from my triathlon club travelling to this race, and will actually have the largest turnout of FAST club members than any michigan race this year.

I plan on spending from Wednesday to Sunday in Muncie, that way I can get out on the bike and maybe swim and run a little too.

My nerves, which I know are still there, have given way for now to excitement. Doing so many half marathons this year n addition to the two half ironmen distanced races I am doing is really building my endurance and my confidence. I may not finish at the top of my AG, but I will finish darn it. And I will finish happy and strong.

Now about the chasing dragons on the bike - there are new bikes at select Metro-Detroit YMCAs (so far North oakland and Downtown Detroit are the only two that I know for sure have them.) They are called Expresso bikes and one cool feature is this game called Proving Grounds. You chase after dragons and catch them, but you are powered only by your legs! There are hills, there are slopes, and you work HARD! I go about 8 - 10 miles during the game (20 - 30 minutes depending on when I start) and it really is a fun way to get in some serious biking.

So there we have it. I am getting prepared for my first ever longcourse triathlon. I am so happy that I picked Muncie as everyone says that it is a wonderful race.

Moving forward - expect to see a new feature on here called "The Muncie Endurathon Report". In this report I will keep you up on on my training and Muncie specific items.


If you take anything away from this long and rambling post - just know that if you are doing something to do it, it may be harder to stick with than doing something you love.

I think it is easier to fall out of love with an activity than it is to find one you love, so when you do find that match enjoy every day of it.

Have a great rest of the week everyone!

Oh and Sonia - we go visit Mike's Aunt just outside of Windsor, Ontario in her Extended Care Facility twice to three times a week. :)

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