Oct 6, 2008

Race peeing, training alone triathlon athena, Tom Demerly, lana swim cap training, and the revolution.

Apparently those are the terms that brought people to this blog today.


Occasionally I like to check up on my stat counter to see if there is any set of keywords that draw the random onlooker to this site.  I sometimes have gotten good ones (like gangsta rap references), but today's was a mix of expected and out of this world. 

I sometimes wonder how on earth my site gets listed for random search phrases... but when I disect the phrases, many if not all of those words appear on my blog frequently. 

For instance, the expected search terms would be Brooksie Way, or anything to do with Brooksie, running, training, cycling, etc.  However, race peeing was not something I thought would get someone to my blog, let alone two seperate searches for this very topic from two completely seperate IP addresses.  Aha!  In my last post I mention in one passing phrase - "peeing in the woods".   I hope that the searchers were not disappointed at the lack of information and technique for peeing during racing, and I hope that you are all relieved (no pun intended) that my last post was not a photo post. :) 

lana swim cap training   My blog came up second on the list of unique web addresses.  I have a friend  named Lana, I swim and have posted many times about my swimming, not my swim caps, but oh well close enough for a match.  Oh wait - I did post once a swim cap I liked.  Amazing how old posts come back to haunt you! 

So what is this revolution on 10-19 and why does my blog show up when you search this? Ahhh... because I had a post about grass roots revolutions (Pearl Izumi) and on this site the date 10/19/08 is listed as the race date for my next half marathon.  

Tom Demerly - someone out there is looking you up buddy.  You better look out!   Tom is owner of Bikesport Michigan, great triathlete,  good man.  When I crashed in June, he offered me a replacement bike so I could race my first triathlon.    BTW, this blog doesn't even show up on the first page of results for this search.  Hmmmm.

Now the most disturbing search term that landed on this site has got to be training alone, triathlon, athena.   Either someone out there is looking for a very specific person, or someone out there is without a training partner.  I am relieved only that the post they were directed to was my Big Fish race report, and I just happened to have those exact words, in that order (seperated out of course) in the report.   Whew... I was afraid that I was starting to come off as a loner. :) 

Sometimes it is really fun to just check and see how people are getting to your blog.  I am never short of amused!


chia said...

LMAO you're braver than I... I'm scared to see what draws peeps to my site :-).

TNTcoach Ken said...

Race peeing. Now I have to have a TNT clinic on that?

Unknown said...

ha! i'm new to blogger and new to running in general, so i can't remember how i got here, but i'm reading along now!

my husband ran the brooksie way on sunday as well and ended up with a 2:03:13 finish. he was amazed that there wasn't any water when you finished, but said that it was a pretty course. maybe next year they'll have the bugs worked out!

LK said...

Glad I make your search results, somewhat worried about who was doing that particular search though.....