Aug 3, 2008

Simple truths

I am upping the workouts. I am pushing myself a little more. And do you know something? I am feeling good!

Since Wednesday I have put in two quality workouts, and a nice and easy workout on Friday. As always - here are the details should you want to read them!

On the bike I am now doing two laps at ILRA instead of one. That is 25 miles a shot. I am working on improving my swim,. and instead of swimming once or twice a week, I am getting in three or four workouts of 1100 yards to 1400 meters a shot, two of which are in open water.

I am running consistently, getting ready for my half marathons in October, as well as trying to really get my pace down consistently.

I have realized some simple truths.

  1. In order to run longer, run faster, or run stronger you need to run. A lot.
  2. In order to ride faster, tackle hills better, and enjoy more time in the saddle, you need to ride. A lot.
  3. In order to improve your swim technique, increase your aerobic capabilities, and improve your sighting you need to swim. A lot.

Pretty un-profound. Pretty simple. But all in all.. this is how it has to be!

As the days unfold and I look forward to the next season, I am realizing that I am not scared to complete the Half Ironman distance. I know I can. I am realizing that I just need to HTFU and get it done.

The interesting thing to me is that I am really enjoying this! Increasing the distance and intensities of the workouts has not been a negative experience in any way. In fact I am excited that I am doing the distance.

I hope that everyone has had a great weekend!

For all of the people who completed Steelhead this weekend - great job! Expecially given the fact that they turned it into a duathlon! ;)


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