Aug 3, 2008

Simple truths

I am upping the workouts. I am pushing myself a little more. And do you know something? I am feeling good!

Since Wednesday I have put in two quality workouts, and a nice and easy workout on Friday. As always - here are the details should you want to read them!

On the bike I am now doing two laps at ILRA instead of one. That is 25 miles a shot. I am working on improving my swim,. and instead of swimming once or twice a week, I am getting in three or four workouts of 1100 yards to 1400 meters a shot, two of which are in open water.

I am running consistently, getting ready for my half marathons in October, as well as trying to really get my pace down consistently.

I have realized some simple truths.

  1. In order to run longer, run faster, or run stronger you need to run. A lot.
  2. In order to ride faster, tackle hills better, and enjoy more time in the saddle, you need to ride. A lot.
  3. In order to improve your swim technique, increase your aerobic capabilities, and improve your sighting you need to swim. A lot.

Pretty un-profound. Pretty simple. But all in all.. this is how it has to be!

As the days unfold and I look forward to the next season, I am realizing that I am not scared to complete the Half Ironman distance. I know I can. I am realizing that I just need to HTFU and get it done.

The interesting thing to me is that I am really enjoying this! Increasing the distance and intensities of the workouts has not been a negative experience in any way. In fact I am excited that I am doing the distance.

I hope that everyone has had a great weekend!

For all of the people who completed Steelhead this weekend - great job! Expecially given the fact that they turned it into a duathlon! ;)



Mike said...

Good Luck with upping the distance.

TNTcoach Ken said...

Wow, you could be a coach! Now you'll need to create another day in the week to do all of these things.

Doug said...

Wow, you are getting hard core. Soon you won't even talk to me anymore :).

Doug said...

What happens at Steelhead to turn it into a duathlon?

Doug said...

Ok, you got me on "HTFU". What does "HTFU" mean?

Pat said...

I like your simple truths. A Lot!

Hope you're doing well.