Apr 13, 2008

On the road again... this time to the land of sunshine and tequilla.

I just wanted to check in on the eve of my latest trek. I am off yet again to the land of sun and tequilla...

Oh yes - it is my bi-annual trip to that little ole' country known as Mexico, or 'May-he-coe' to those in the know.

More specifically I will be at that not-so-little dot called Guadalajara, the tequilla capital of Mexico. This little gem is located just about 3 hours from Puerta Vallerta, and is one happening artisan state.

I know what you are thinking, and all I can say - DON'T HATE! Two tropical locales in 1 month, yeah life is hard.

So for all you haters out there (Christina - COUGH) rest assured that my feelings about this trip are bitter-sweet to be quite honest.

My Hotel

The sweet part is that I will be able to get a lot of neccessary work done, in addition to really enjoying the city again. I love Gaudalajara. I am comfortable there and every time I leave I feel that I have been given a deeper look into the city that has such a life about it. You would not beleive the culture here! Three museums all right in a row - The national museam, the state musem, and the local Gudalajara museum all touch. They are adjacent to the Cathedral and a huge gathering place filled with crafts and artisans.

If you ever travel to PV on vacation, I suggest making the short trip inland to Guadalajara. It is definitely worth it!

As an example of the deeper meaning to this city that I am finding, I have found that Guad actually has three large metroparks. The admission is like $0.50USD to one of them the other three being free of admission, so I think that I can swing that. :)

My only issue is that I am staying in a different hotel than usual, the Crowne Plaza. This means that I will be further from the parks than previous. I did see that one is like 2K away from my hotel, so I should be able to walk there, however it is on the side of town that I have not ventured out into yet.

Hmmmmm... oh what an adventure I am going to have! ASSUMING that I can break away from my manager and get in a decent day-time workout. He wants to eat and drink all night whereas I quit drinking (except for the Mango martinis at Bar Louie in Flint - Hellloooooo swank!) and I am not a huge eater anymore. I know - SHOCKER, right? I mean I eat of course - 6-8 small meals a day in fact. I mean that I am not an eater for the sake of eating anymore. I am a chicken breast away from being vegatarian again. In fact chicken and fish are the only meat type items I consume anymore - the rest is pretty much octo-vegitarian.

So what is the down side to this trip (in my eyes at least)?

The bitter part to all of this is that I will be missing some key workouts in preperation for my race that is coming up here in the next few weeks. I think that my best bet is to focus on swimming and weights as my running is finally in check.

So we will see what transpires south of the border. I have packed my weight and swimming gear - having to leave the running shoes at home due to packaging constraints.

I will be able to check in while on this trip, so you know what that means. PICTURES!

I am such a nerd.

Keep on running y hasta luego mi amigos!


TNTcoach Ken said...

You’re leaving spring snow for sunshine and tequila? Put me on the list of haters or sneak me in your luggage! Have fun.

chia said...

Good luck getting those swims in :-). It's hard travelling with co-workers lacking motivation to work out on the road, mad respect to you for sticking to it!

Safe travels!