Nov 25, 2007

Base building adventure gains inspiration

You probably have noticed the new header to this blog. With it marks my dedication to making half-iron in 2009. It also makrs something new for me. Being inspired.

The journey is always growing... evolving... and I have conqured my previous fear of not being a good enough runner. I have realized that I am the runner I am and that is fabulous, because I am out there being active. It is not about competition with others it is about evolving into a healthy individual. It is about being that girl. The one that is health concious and not for vanity's sake, but rather for a lifetime of activity and adventure.

So here we are. I threw the stake in the ground a few months ago, and I have taken action to get this ball a rolling. I started to swim with a coach, have taken steps to be more active within my tri club, and this alone has inspired me to keep on going.

I also have decided to design my base-building adventure around the USAT National Challenge benchmarks. Since December is focused around swimming, I am going to focus on swimming as well. January I will focus on biking and swimming, and February I will focus on running and swimming. (I add swimming to each month because that is my weakest spot currently, so I need to spend a LOT of time there.) In the mix will be good solid strength and core work every week. FULL body, and really building my tone and strength to move my muscles in all my other activities. I need to not forsake strength to get in mileage other places. And I realize that now. I look forward to strength workouts.

Come March my base will be built and I shall be ready to get on a formal training plan of some sort. :)

I feel centered, motivated, and dedicated. I feel a real passion towards this endeavor, and for the first time in my entire career of running, I feel inspired.

That feels AMAZING!

So today I pose this question to you - all of my friends out here in bloggy land.

What inspires you? What is it that keeps you going day to day in what you have chosen to do?


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