Sep 9, 2007

Thoughts on the Big Dance. DWD Hell '-07 Recap from a volunteer's POV.


I got to Half Moon Lake State Park around 10:20AM. The atmophere was awesome, vibrant, crazy. Crazy runners dressed in crazy fashions, with their vehicles all decked out for their teams. You could tell that people LOVE this race.

It is all so clear now what attracts me and thousand like me to this fine sport of endurance events. It is freaking fun. Sure you suffer some pain and injury, but all the while you are keeping up the spirits and just going for something amazing. DWD adds the relay excitement to it, so you have a blast with your team.

I was a 100k relay exchange point volunteer. The ultramarathoners (50k and 50 miler) went on a different course so we never saw them at our exchange point.

This race, you see, is not your typical run. This race is a dance. A dance with dirt, mud, poison ivy, lakes (which you have to run/swim through), rivers (which you have to run/swim through), lots of body encasing muck (maany people lost shoes in the muck) insane trails, and the continual threat of getting lost (which MANY have!), getting hurt (again, quite a few ended up with bum knees and ankles), or just barely getting through it.

I strongly believe that DWD seperates the people who love running for both fun and sport, from the imposters who do it for other reasons. On that course heroes were made, victories we had, failures were seen.

There were two distinct races going on. The first was the Run it to win it race. That was between all of 4 teams. From 12:55PM to 2:30PM we saw 4-6 teams go through our exchange point. Other teams were split into two cars so they could check out their competition and see how everyone else was doing. Not so much by the rules, but they did it anyhow.

The other race ws the we are crazy dirt lovin' people, so we are going to have freakin' FUN out here! race. From 2:30 to 5:35 PM we saw a continual stream of teams, a lot dressed up in costume (which was quite entertaining seeing the people in some interesting get-ups) .

I had a blast out there cheering on the runners and the teams, all while directing traffic and at the same time directing runners both in and out of the exchange. By the time 6:00PM rolled around, my body felt a if I had run the race myelf!

While out there I saw one of my triathlon team members (great job!), as well a fellor Northville Road Runner. I saw many intense runners. I saw many goofy runners, I saw many injured runners, I saw many determined runners, and I saw some of the happiest runners I have ever seen during a race.

To everyone who ran DWD this year - Great Job! I am in it for 2008. All systems are a go!

Today is a long run for me. Between 7-9 miles, so I may head out to Kennsington and do a loop around the lake for a nice 8.

I hope that everyone is having a great weekend! :) And look at all the IMMOO peeps today! Good luck to Bolder, Wil, Stu, and everyone else who is out there kicking some cow butt.

})i({ Runnergirl sayin' have a safe one kids.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a great time! Now that I'm not actually running myself, I'd like to do some volunteering at races. Your post has inspired me to do it sooner rather than later!

Jenniferlyn said...

Thank you Runnergirl... or should I say EyeGirl!

Volunteering is awesome!

Good luck out there... let me know which events you want to volunteer for. ;)

Anonymous said...

A big "Thanks" goes out to you and the rest of the DWD volunteers. This event would not be nearly as popular without the help and support you provide. You are going to hate it and have a blast next year.

I ended up as one of the barely walking wounded (possible broken ankle, waiting on x-ray report) and I will probably be back again next year. DWD is like crack for running freaks.