Aug 23, 2007

Running Club Run #1

Tonight I am going to do it. I am going to give a local running club a try. I have never run with these folks before, so I will give them a few runs to see if I fit in, if I am comfortable, if it will work. There are two running clubs that are close to me, the DTRW and the NRR. The NRR meeting spot is pretty close to where I live, only 10-15 minutes away if that. I really wanted to get out for some DTRW runs, but getting to Detroit after work is difficult for me. I would love to get in some runs with my Tri club, but there current workout schedule is way too far fetched for me to ever be able to make it. I am slow, so my main fear is that I will be an outcast... a considered pseudo runner among the running elites if you will. I know, silly, but my fears have kept me from joining in on group runs for this long. I just really miss the group running atmosphere I got with TNT. I want to belong to the running club, not just be a member of one. Well we will see!


Jess said...

I understand well the fears of the running club. My experience ha sbeen mixed, but on the whole, I do have to say that it is a good experience and the best way to get long runs done.

Marcy said...

I still have yet to ditch the fear and join. I hope it's a good comfy fit ;D

Jenniferlyn said...

It was!!!! And the social hour afterwards is a blast!