Aug 8, 2007

Going to Chicago and we are going to have fu-uu-uu-uun!

Today is my last day here in the high-5 state for this week. As of tomorrow, 8AM local time, we will be all packed up and ready to hit the road for the Birfday Bash to end all Birfday Bashes.

Oh and I decided to go ahead and run the CDC on Sunday. ;) With nearly 12,000 runners by my side, how on earth could I NOT run it? It is all about the experience. And I cannot pass this one up.

I feel prepared. I have my accelerade powder, my water bottle with two different style holders depending on my mood come Sunday, my accelerade gels (4), My running skirt (yipee!), and my new supercool sports tank. It is green and yellow (I really wanted pink!) and is equipped with pockets and secret areas for my mp3 player and headphones. Sweet.

Yesterday I hit the gym for nearly 2 hours. Stretching, a full abs workout, back and bi's followed by some swimming. Now that is one heck of a workout! Tonight is stretching, abs, followed by chest/tri's and some pool time as well.

OK well I guess the next time I post will either be pics from the trip while it is happening via my cell phone, or my race report. So I guess I will see ya ll on the flip side!

Everyone have great weekend, and to all of my fellow CDC runners - let's get out there and have some fun!!!

})i({ RunnerGirl


Unknown said...

I'm excited for you! Have a great time...and a happy birthday!

Shump said...

Good Luck!!

TNTcoach Ken said...

Have a great time. Sounds like you're ready!

Anonymous said...

I love Chicago!

Have a great race!

Marcy said...

Happy Birthday!!! Have fun!!! ;D

Pat said...

have a great run. I'll be thinking of you.


Jenniferlyn said...

Thank you everyone!!! I will keep ya all posted!

Here is to finishing with a smile on my face!