Jun 4, 2007

Progress and a hydration question

I am finally feeling and seeing progress! I am seeing the body that is starting to take shape, and loosing the weight again after a quick gain.

My goal is now 20lbs in 10 weeks. I think that it is doable and safe - heck in 6 weeks or so I lost 17. After I hit that goal, which happens to fall on the Chicago Distance Classic and my Birthday, I will set another 20lb goal, and keep doing this until I feel satisfied. I think looking at my weight loss in mini-goals is easier than seeing the" 52lbs to go" badge on Traineo! 20 seems to be more attainable than 52. Motivation!

On the training front, I am able to get in my distance runs without issue. I am feeling stronger out there. Not so much quicker, although I do hit patches when I feel my speed increase and it feel good. I am trying to push a little harder in intervals while I run.

I decided to go ahead and start training this week instead of next. I will do the first week of training twice. I am getting antsy!! Very very antsy!

So far my training schedule for the next two weeks will be the following:

MONDAY - Legs and Shoulders
TUESDAY - Back and Bis, Run 3.5 miles
WEDNESDAY - Chest and tris, Run 2miles
THURSDAY - Legs and Shoulders , Run 3.5 miles
FRIDAY - Back and Bis
SATURDAY - Cross-train (Bike, row, or elliptical for 30 minutes)
SUNDAY - Run 5 miles

Well I hope all is well for you all! I am finally able to be more active in the blog - things have been hectic! Travelling for work, and general busy work at home as well.

Oh - I also picked up some Accelerade for my runs. I tried some last night - the fruit punch flavor - and it really did taste good. I like the consistancy of it, so I think that I will have no problems uing it during the run. I will start to use it during my workouts as well. We will see how it goes!

If anyone has any hydration/fuel suggestions, please let me know! I have heard about nuun as well, but do not know if I would like that - no carbs. Which could be a good thing given the number of gels I consume in my longer run... I don't know. I have always been a little confused on this subject so any help and or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

I downloaded the podcast on Phedippidations about this topic last night so I will give that a listen as well.

Keep on moving!
})i({ RG
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