Jun 26, 2007

Aha! My Blog is Rated 'G' for Great! Oh... what?

Or maybe it is rated 'G' because I keep it clean. I am sorely, SORELY, dissappointed. I need to start dopping cuss words like it is my business.

Or rather, I could just stick to my guns and be little old G rated me. Yeah I kind of like that idea better. Welcome to Disneyland kids!

Oh, and today is a heat index of 100*. Guess who is not doing her 4 miler? *kicking myself* As long as I get in every remaining run this week I will still be fine. I mean, right?


WHY did I take that darn Tylenol PM?


PS - click on the graphic above to rate your blog/Myspace/website. ;)
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