Jun 26, 2007

Aha! My Blog is Rated 'G' for Great! Oh... what?

Or maybe it is rated 'G' because I keep it clean. I am sorely, SORELY, dissappointed. I need to start dopping cuss words like it is my business.

Or rather, I could just stick to my guns and be little old G rated me. Yeah I kind of like that idea better. Welcome to Disneyland kids!

Oh, and today is a heat index of 100*. Guess who is not doing her 4 miler? *kicking myself* As long as I get in every remaining run this week I will still be fine. I mean, right?


WHY did I take that darn Tylenol PM?


PS - click on the graphic above to rate your blog/Myspace/website. ;)


Unknown said...

Yuck, 100 degree heat is no fun!

KdoubleA said...

100 degree heat IS fun! I moved outta Michigan last year to Tennessee and it's 100 here everyday! It rules! I am good up to 5 miles in that kind of heat, after that it can be life-threatening.

Jenniferlyn said...

Holy cow - 5 miles in 100 degrees... I just found my new hero.

This Runnergirl = WUSSY! After a heat index of 95 I cut it to half, at 100 I cut it out all together!!!

I really need to hit the treadmill.. but I am sort of treadmill deficient - I cannot run on one!

Pat said...

Yeah, my was rated G too. I wonder if they have a list of those blogs rated higher? Or would that be lower?


teacherwoman said...

It's probably best that you chose not to do your 4 miler. Better that than consuming junk miles.. which does us no good! hehehe

Unknown said...

Oh ICK! But here comes the rain!

Ian said...

Cool. Where did you go to have your blog rated?