May 6, 2007

bustin down the walls

I did it! I did another week 3 session with no issues. I think my main hold-back has been running indoors. I HATE THE TRACK inside at Bally's. I hate the treadmill. If there is no sun and wind and bugs and dirt... count me out. I need nature. I desire nature. I thrive on nature.

The perfect place for me - Kennsington Metro Park (KMP). You get trees, lakes, bikers, rollerbladers, walkers, runners, frisbee-golfers, boaters, kayakers, farm animals (there is a farm), golfers (there is a golf course), and of course the nature center with miles of trails to walk on.

What more could you want? Last weekend I hit the nature trails for some good ole walking around in nature. This weekend I hit the paved hike/bike trails for my running session.


The sun was high above me... the wind was to my back. The waves were crashing beside me on the rocks, and I plodded on... you know what... no. I did not plod, as I stopped plodding last year - I ran on with confidence. Oooooh! I like the sound of that!

I kept a mental note - 2.5 miles in 25 minutes. OK... what? That included 5 minutes walking to warm up, 5 minutes walking to cool down, and somehow in the middle there I ran the balance to make 2.5 miles in 25 minutes. That in itself would be typical for my running of '06. But I WALKED 10 minutes of that. Hmmmm... I love intervals!

Oh well! I really don't care about time or distance, just how I feel right now. And I feel accomplished, and great about it, so that is all that matters. I am fighting the urge to do more than what the plan states. NO! Bad Jenn... I am on a plan here. There will be NO deviating from the plan. I do not want to cheat myself. Not one bit. I want to earn the running and pace, and endurance. Why cheat myself out of that? SO I am doing more week 3, even though I feel ready to move on to week 4, but no... I am completing this week first. I have got big things planned this year and I refuse to accomplish them half-assed. Pardon my french.

So on with strength-training - tomorrow is Chest and tris, with 15 mintues of some more HIIT. This time I want to do the ellitical and give my running a little break. Days when I am not running my intervals, I really want to get in some different types of cardio. I am thinking one of these nights getting in some laps in the pool as Lorraine mentioned training for a tri this year to be completed in '08 - so it never hurts to start thinking of that.

Speaking of Tri's... or rather Dus in my case - I am going to do a Du in '08 I decided. For my b-day I am getting a brand new Trek bike, so I think that I will start in on training for my first ever Du. I am pretty excited!

I have another accomplishment on tap for '08, but this one is a secret... so secret that even Mike doesn't know what I want to do. It is not a running or sport related thing per say... in a round about way I guess it is related. But something no one would ever expect of me. *big grin*. I will let you know when I have accomplished it!!! I am queen of suprises. One hint - ACE and not bandages. ;)

OK - well it is after 10PM and I need to hit the sheets. Big plans for tomorrow! ;) I am so excited to tell you all what I plan on doing, but nope. Mums the word. Oh you all know that eventually I will break down and tell... but not just yet!


Backofpack said...

You are doing really, really well!

That ACE hint is really bugging me, because I feel like I know it from somewhere...

Jenniferlyn said...

Hee hee... I am not telling! ;) It will be a long journey - but one that I am excited to take! ;)

Let's just say that a career change COULD occur after I complete this... but not neccessarily if I don't chose so.