May 19, 2007

45 minute runs feel good....

Last night I ended up doing a 45 minute fun run. I wasn't going for any particular distance, but I think that I went about 3 miles. I am still disappointed a little, but then again, I know that I have slowed down since becoming less active... plus I am following the run-walk-run method at 2:1 intervals. The real test will be Sunday at Kensington Metropark when I run a 5 miler using the 2:1 ratio.

I felt really good out there. Strong. Happy. :) I know that I could have pushed it 3:1 but I decided to give this 2:1 ratio a shot through the 5-miler. This is a new philoophy to me... so I am trying my bet to emrace it fully.

I have plenty of time to get my pace back up to where I want it. I am not worried long term about it. I know that this time around I will enjoy it, so if that means I will become a slower runner, then albeit!

Today is a rest day, tomorrow my 5 miler and some early morning strength training.

On a weight loss note - I am down a total of 17lbs as of this AM! :) That is cause to celebrate right there people.

The rest of thi morning will be devoted to finding a new template for my blog. I love the one that I have now, but I am sort of bored with it. I want something a bit brighter... you know - like my personality! LMAO - ok... whatever. ;)

Keep on running everyone!

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