May 30, 2007

.45 in my right, .9 in my other hand...

I would like to introduce you to some good friends of mine - Ice Cube, MC Ren, Easzy E, Yella and Dr. Dre... oh, you may know them as NWA.. I like to call them, NWEA. They put the Extreme back in Attitude.

Much like a lot of people, I too have been letting my iPod shuffle do it's thing and shuffle all of my music for me so I never realy know what is going to come up next on the playlist. It has been quite amusing at sometimes, and at others quite appropriate.
Sometimes it taunts me with 'Rockin in the Free world' while I approach some nasty hills... sometimes it luls me into a calm with some classical music. Other times I have to switch the tune because it is just broing or because I am just not feeling it.

Last night we went to the gym for our workout, and I decided to run a quick 2 miles to warm up. I bid Mike ado at the door of the Gym, and I take off.

Uuumm... apparently I own some raunchy ghetto-tabulous rap music that I was unaware of. Because every single song was as hard core, gangsta, and filled with complete anger towards their assumed situations as the on previous. Where did this music come from I ask? Well I still have no clue! But it is there!

So here I am little middle-class EngiNerd RunnerGirl running through Novi passing elderly people and parents with their young tykes carrying baloons and their little furry dogs... rocking out to NWA.

I love my iPod shuffle. Always a source of amusement.

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