Jan 16, 2007


Today is one of those days in which I gain perspective on things.

I am working from home, and went out to lunch today. On my way back, I realized just how beautiful everything is with ice covering it. The weeping willows look as if there are spun gold... every other tree looks like it is adorned with diamonds.

Stunning. Beauty. Nature. And I cannot wait to start training for the Flying Pig later this week. To run out there amongtst all of that.

I thank God for days like this. For giving us the beauty which surrounds us, if only we slow down enough to really look and see. For giving us the ability to do something about this, and be a part of the world on so many levels. For revealing to us that the answer to life and happiness is simple. Be a part of life, and you will be happy.

So this week I start my next level of Half-marathon training. This time for real, and this time with a purpose. The journey just got a little longer! ;)

Keep on running!
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