Oct 2, 2006

26 Days?!?!?!?!?! Oh boy...

As I post this I have such mixed feelings.

Pride because I have come so far as a person. Fear because I have never been so determined and I am afraid of not meeting my goals - this time not the fear of success. Excitement because I am running in a race I love, and one that I had a horrible showing at last year. Nausea because I am skeeeerd. Happiness because I have overcome some pretty big obstacles in the last year. (I am going to pause for reflection on that one.)

This last week has been such a letdown for me. I did not run but 5 miles last week or so. And this weekend I missed out on the crucial runs as well. So much for dedication, right? Wrong. I am exhausted! However - as a true mentor (ahem Ken, that would be you) of mine once told me just make sure to know which of the balls I have up in the air are most important. Noted. I crashed, but the balls are still in the air (now that just takes talent, folks. Really!)

Today I took off of work - mental health day - and am going to go for a nice 5 miler. I am going to follow my training schedule the rest of the week, and then run a nice easy 8 mile training run, and then an 8.5 mile trail run for a switch-up this weekend.

I also have come to a cross-roads about my Master's degree. I have decided that I am truly miserable in the field in which I have chosen - oh - field of study, not field of work. I am going to go ahead and get my MBA instead of my Masters of Engineering Management. The school I am enrolled in right now really has a crappy Engineering staff. I talked this over with Mike, and sme great friends of mine (Cathi and Par!) and I see what I have to do now. MBA all the way.

I do feel a tad bit better now that I at least have some resolve on that matter. My fear of success and failure is the next road block.... errr, obstacle. I do not allow road blocks anymore.

Keep on keeping on y'all!
The journey just got more interesting...


Lora said...

Loved this post!! Great job on explaining how crazy life can get us!

Congrats on the MBA decision! Go for it--and buckle up, it's always somethin!!!

Unknown said...

Congrads on the MBA decision. You will do great!

jeanne said...

nice post! congrats on the mba decision. I too missed a run this week. Work intruded. Life happens! I'm still all freaked about it anyway!