Sep 25, 2006

Training and the desire to overtrain. No burn out for me, thank you!

I realized today, after seeing my mileage report on my sidebar (left), that I ran almost half of the miles for September just this last week!

Maybe I really do need a rest day today. My legs feel good but I promised to take today off for fear of burnout.

I have decided that to keep me from wanting to run 5 miles tonight, I would do some homework and work around the house. I will have plenty of time to run this week and have my schedule reflecting
that. I am completely on track for the half in a month, and to finish a possible PB at that. However when you are doing good, dont you just want to keep going?

I fell into that trap before. Overdoing it and ending up injured and regretting it. Not again I tell you. I am sticking to the scheduled runs. If anything I may sneak in some speed work like I
have been doing.

Over at is listed the speed workouts in the latest RW magazine. I may give one of them a try!


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