Sep 15, 2006

The LaSalle Bank Run Wild for the Detroit Zoo is here!

Tomorrow is the LaSalle Bank Run Wild 5k, 10k, and fun walk. How excited am I? Yeah, I know that the picture is random and has nothing to do with this race, but I thought that it looked inspiring
so you get to look at it.

I am doing the 10K tomorrow, along with a coworker and a few friends. My man is potentially running the 5k, so we will see how he feels tomorrow AM.

I am disappointed on one point and that is that this run is actually AROUND the zoo and not technically in it.

The 1 mile fun walk is through the zoo, the 5k is directly around it, and the 10k shares a good portion of the route the 5k has, just adding in 3 miles through neighboring areas.

It appears that we will have 3 aid stations along the way. It is supposed to be 60 and sunny at 8am, when the 5k starts, and then 63 around the 10k start time. I can deal with that I just need to
remember to dress like it is in the 80s so I do not overheat.

The weekend plan is 6.2 on sat and 2.5 (recovery) on sun.


Michele said...

Good luck on your 10k!

Jenniferlyn said...

Thank you Michele! I rocked it!!!!