Jun 22, 2006

Some of my favorite Blogs

I just wanted to take this time to review a couple of my favorite blogs out there.

I recently stumbled upon a running blog by a guy named shoreturtle. His blog (http://www.shoreturtle.com/blog/) is pretty interesting with shoe mileage, race info, paces, and a whole slurry of running blog links. Talk about motivation! As of today - his mileage on Mizuno WaveRider 8 was 309.09 Miles and on his Adidas Response Trail XI was 143.71 Miles. Good grief! I better get to pumpin' my arms (pounding the midget as Coach GP would say) and enjoy some more time out there! I have 5 pairs of shoes (a different pair for different distances) and have about a total of 1,000 miles among 5. He is half-way there on 2! Great blog of a true runner! I commend you shoreturtle (and your mom for comming in 4th of 9 at her last 5k!) for hitting the pavement and treadmills and getting it done!

Another blog on running I enjoy is http://www.mefailenglish.com/. It is a true runner's blog - detailing runs, races, misc. interests, and how you feel like although there are tons of runners out there - you never know who you'll "run" into at a race! Good luck at the NYC Half Marathon! I will be rooting for you - maybe even see you there!

Fun With Your Food (http://funwithyourfood.blogspot.com) is a great blog full of vegan and misc. food info. Teddy has provided us with a wonderful array of food of the day info, everything from Manoges to Grapefruit (and more recently how to peel one, it's origins, etc.). She also comes up with some good recipes even omni's would enjoy!

Another blog I visit daily is the Veggies, Yarns, & Tails blog (http://www.veggiesyarnsandtails.wordpress.com/) kept up by Gerldine. This blog is great, full of interesting vegitarian info, blog/site of the week, and regularly features vegetarian recipes (mainly from Gerladine's cookbook, "Not Just for Vegetarians".) Her recipes have been featured on other blogs as well - check out the book! As for her blog - the reading is absolutely wonderful, the cat Mitzi is adorable, and the information is really special. I spend a bit of time on her blog when I visit, and I am very glad I found it as I am sure you will be too!

I actually found it through the next blog I visit darn near everyday -

The Veggie Talk blog, is the blog of the In a Vegitarian kitchen website. (http://blog.vegkitchen.com/) Here you will find some of the best recipes and general talk about vegetarianism, travels, and misc. thoughts regarding both. Nava Atlas is the author of such great books as Vegetariana, and The Vegetarian 5-Ingredient Gourmet. She has MANY more to her credit, but the recipies she features on her website (www.vegkitchen.com) are wonderful! You will also get additional "family tested and approved" recipies on the blog. NOTE: she is on a four week vacation with her family, so new blog posts will be rare until late July. Still worth checking out!

Some great sites out there - check 'em out!
Run on and eat on!


funwithyourfood said...

wow what a compliment- Thank you!

I'm adding you to the blogroll now- so that I can read ya and my readers can too! :)


ShoreTurtle said...

Thanks for the shoutout. I'm originally from Michigan. I've added your blog to my links. I look forward to reading about your 13.1 mile journey.

Jenniferlyn said...

Teddy and Shorturtle -

You are very welcome! I have really enjoyed both of your sites - both have provided much encouragement for me!

For running - it always helos to know that you are not alone out there in your goals.

For food - the blog is very interesting, funny, and for sure aligns with my values. It is nice to know that other people out there have the same values that I do. When I feel segregated because of my food style (I live with a omni) it is good to see inspiration to let me know that I am not alone!

Thank YOU both!