Jun 21, 2006

Like a fire-fly in the night - guiding us along the path to discovery

In my years of running, negativity had crept into my mind and resulted in total runner's burn-out. I have mentioned this in past posts, but thought that I should reflect a bit more on the subject of positivity and dreams.

While out for a nice late-evening walk with my boyfriend, I realized just how beautiful nature can be. The smell of fresh air, cool crisp winds to refresh the senses, fire-flys lighting up the night and the grass, random birds retreating for the evening, sounds of children trying to be put to bed... what a wonderful world we live in!

As I just mentioned above, during our walk last night I saw such beautiful things lighting up the path we were on - fireflys! I was so amused by this as it has been years... and I mean YEARS... since I had last seen these mystical and beautiful things. It amused me to no end, and much to my boyfriend's dismay, as I would see flickers of light in the distance out of the corner of my eye, and immediatly want to walk in that direction to see the beautiful dance they were weaving in front of us.

The fireflys were lighting the way for us, and putting on quite a show to boot!

It was then that I started to relfect and marvel at what we are capable of doing ourselves. We should let our dreams be like fireflys, and light the way for us, guiding us to the next adventure. When your mind drifts... is it on tactical items of the day, or of wonderful thoughts that you wish you could do in real life?

Mine are always the fluffy what-if's, and wouldn't-it-be-nice's. They would shine brightly at the moment of conception, and I would catch a glimpse out of the corner of my mind's-eye of what I would like to be doing. If I followed my dreams and whimsical thoughts, where would I end up?

Here. Embarking on the journey to 13.1, and many more. That is what got me here, listening to my inner thoughts and dreams... the ones that light up the path like fireflys in the night.

So today don't dismiss your daydreams and whimsy - today actually take stock of what is being shown to you. Your inner fireflys will light the way for you... don't be afraid to follow!

Shine bright and keep on following your dreams!


Anonymous said...

What a lovely and thoughtful post! I have always wanted to see fireflies but I don't think they even appear up here in Canada, at least not on the Prairies??? Wow, that is so cool. Happy Trails, G :)

Jenniferlyn said...

Thank you Geraldine!

I think that they are so pretty and very whimsical. I am so glad you enjoyed the post!